[prototype] GTK Mastodon Client written in Go

最終更新 3日前

最終更新 3週間前

My Very Own CI-server

最終更新 3ヶ月前

snaums / tpsearch
JavaScript 0 0

JavaScript based search engine for static websites

最終更新 5ヶ月前

Automatically generate titles for Achievement Guide-style videos for KDEnlive

最終更新 7ヶ月前

Simple GUI around MPV and OMXPlayer (hardware accelerated player on Raspberry Pi)

最終更新 9ヶ月前

Simple GUI around OMXPlayer for Raspberry Pi

最終更新 11ヶ月前

Script screenshoting the contents of a window every X seconds

最終更新 2年前

Simple Network sniffer; can develop topology graphs from the network-data

最終更新 2年前

Simple boot-over-serial bootloader for the Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi part)

最終更新 2年前

GPIO Interface for Linux in the Ada-Programming language

最終更新 2年前

A (simple) tool to organize your games

最終更新 2年前

Yet Another Image Library for C (and 3D software renderer)

最終更新 2年前

Simple prototype operating system for the Raspberry Pi

最終更新 2年前

Parsing Study Regulations of German Universities and make them searchable.

最終更新 2年前